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  • Introduction

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    Qinhuangdao Ruhr Energy Technology Co. Ltd. (abbreviation: Ruhr company) is a forward-looking and innovative high-tech enterprises, is a set of HVAC equipment production, energy-saving technology and automatic control system development and integration, technical consulting, sales and Engineering Service Center for the production and research base. Ruhr provides the industry with the most advanced overall solutions, is one of the leading enterprises in the industry, leading the industry technology trends and application concepts.

    The company has a core team supported by computer technology, automation, HVAC professionals, experts, scholars and management layer; at the same time with a number of domestic research institutions and research institutes, the status of international and domestic heating in the field of the latest technology, the latest concept, development trend and industry the development of organic combination, vigorously develop energy-saving HVAC field equipment, intelligent control technology; the Ruhr company with its own technical advantages and industry experience, and vigorously promote the overall solution of energy-saving heating system, for the industry to provide users with various types of heat exchanger, heat exchanger, spiral exhaust valve, vacuum degassing machine sewage collection and energy saving engineering services has been used in a number of heating units and heating projects and energy-saving renovation project.

    According to industry intelligent control technology and energy efficiency standards continue to improve, the company will further study the specific needs of industrial users, constantly improve the overall professional solutions, to provide high performance, high quality products, technology and services for industry users; at the same time the company to "professional help, quality service, perfect service" the purpose, to further improve the product and service system, guarantee the engineering quality service, safety, ensure the maximum economic benefit of industry users, also contribute to the cause of China's energy saving and emission reduction.

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