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  • In order to establish the company's talent, we set up effective training and development plan, adhere to the "internal training, external training policy training supplement" and the principle of "professional training and comprehensive training synchronization", to improve the ability of employees from various aspects:

    external training

    1, cooperation with major universities, send talent to further study;

    2, with the cooperation of manufacturers, in-depth study and exchange

    3, with the major training institutions, professional training of talents
    Two, internal training

    Internal training

    1, the establishment of a sound internal training mechanism, from induction, junior training, medium-term promotion training to late advanced training, through progressive training methods, so that employees quickly improve personal ability;

    2, the company does not regularly carry out technical seminars, exchange of daily work experience and experience, and quickly digest new technologies.

    Incentive policy

    The company has established a scientific and effective assessment system, established a practical performance appraisal system, through the corresponding incentive policies to improve staff enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.

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